Monday, August 29, 2011


Rule: No Cats allowed.
I'm over it. I've had enough of the petty and catty, even of myself. Today is a new day and turning over a really pretty new leaf. Rules Girls are lovers in all sense of the word. So instead of making other people feel stupid or un-loved. WE LOVE. HARD. This includes people we love, like, loake, and even don't love, like, or loake.

The smirks to your friends, eye-rolls, and petty/catty comments are seen and heard. Not just by you and your negative friend, but by all of us and when you hurt people, guess what it isn't cool. This isn't 7th grade anymore. Cool kids went out the window the second we graduated 3rd grade. So here's to a new leaf, both you AND me! No more cats.
Well, this one's really really cute.

BUT Your cattiness... NOT so much.

No Cats allowed. Lovers only.
Rules Girl