Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fragile Strength

Ever feel like someone could knock you over if they blew hard enough in your direction? Ever felt fragile, like you know the smallest thing is about to set you off any minute? I know I preach that Rules Girls are confident and tough as nails, but I have to remind you that it's healthy to let your emotions show. Sometimes you've got to let it out whether it be through crying, talking, running, painting, or singing. Whatever it is you need to do... take the time to do it, because you're about to burst, break, or go up in flames and that will NOT be pretty.

Stop being so strong all the time and just break down. Have that good break down you need and get back on your feet. It's healthy, and healthy is the Rules Girl way.... that's right... just dust yourself off and try again.

I know fragile and strength seem completely opposite, but welcome to the world of women. We have our ups and we have our downs. It's ok to feel a little fragile sometimes as a girl... it's our prerogative... it actually shows how strong you are that you allow yourself a healthy feeler.


then get up and do it again.


Rules Girl


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