Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eye flirting

I'm sitting face to face, but kitty-corner from this dude. He's not the hottest guy in the room, but at the same time he's attractive and we are eye flirting. Yes, eye flirting. What the? What does that mean, you ask? Well, it's stealing glances at each other here and there, mainly when they're not looking, but then sometimes they catch you and you hurry and look the other way. Pretty much we're just making each other feel all pretty inside...and out.

Whoa. NOOOOO too intense. You're not a vampire. Pipe down.
Be approachable, but not available. Steal the glance, but make sure to look away.
She's forgetting to look away and now it just looks creepy stalkery...

oooooooh yeah. There ya go. The sucker just makes it all that much better... yep, grab a sucker, uh oh you started smacking and sloshing, ok throw away the sucker. Anyway, she's got it. You can tell she's stealing a glance from behind her hair, but she's about to look back. She's the winner. Eye flirt like her.
The eye flirt is a good way to get things started if YOU are feelin' like it... or feelin' IT.
I mean even eHow our trusty friend (yea, I've never heard of it either til now) says the following:
"Your eyes can reveal much about you. They can reveal your likes and dislikes, your mood and when you are receptive to another person's attention. Flirting with your eyes is a special way to let others know that you are interested in them. You can open the lines of communication without saying a word."
The eyes are the window to the soul.
baha. anyway.
So... moral of the story. Why eye flirt?
Because it's flirting and doesn't have to have a follow up (up tot he imagination) and sometimes that's good for the dating soul.
;) <--- from me to you. getcha getcha getcha Get yer eye flirt on.

Rules Girl


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The day day I was eye flirting with this cute boy at Baja Fresh, and then I wrote my name and number on a napkin and gave it to him. He was really cute. :D

March 24, 2011 at 10:24:00 AM PDT  

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