Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's your Love Style?

I just took an scholarly-academic measure* indicating my love style. Yes, there is an official test unfortunately I don't have the measure for you to take, but here are the different love styles. You can be a mixture, but usually you are 1-3 dominantly. For example, I am Eros, Pragma, Agape.... What are YOU?
- The other person's beauty is of utmost importance.
- Positive physical chemistry is a must have.
- Puts physical over psychological (looks over emotional/mental connection)
- Accelerates quickly (falls hard, crashes hard)
- When physical imperfections set in, they move on to someone else. Or when someone MORE attractive shows interest, they move on.
- Often feel unfulfilled relationally.
- fun and excitement are critical to their relationships
- game playing
- when fund ends, so does the relationship
- "I just wanna have fun"
- fidelity is not as important
- start as friends (friendship first then it developed to romantic)
- not a lustful/passionate thing
- not plagued by sexual issues/not the focus
- not big on "love things" such as anniversaries or milestones
- practical and traditional
- focus on roles and cultural influence
- interested in how the person will fit in with their family, future, friends and career.
- Asks, "will they be a good spouse?" "good father?"
- Careful decision making relationship-er.
- rarely break up once fully committed/married.
- love is practical.
- when things are good, they're real good. but when they're bad... they're real bad.
- elation/depression
- peaks and pitfalls
- loves intensely
- fears losing mate
- break up and get back together over and over.
- selfless
- you're happy, I'm happy.
- loves people.
- spiritual
- generous and compassionate
- does not expect things in return (ex: if you tell someone you love them, you don't expect them to say it back, you said it because you like to express yourself etc)
You can see how some Love Styles are more likely to date/marry other love styles... Sometimes one of your love styles takes over the other...

Rules Girl
Stay Tuned! The next post will be in answer to a letter about "how to be a Rules Girl, on Facebook"...

*John Lee and Hendrick & Hendrick (Texas Tech)


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