Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to be an RG on the FB like... like... omg

Let him add you. If you only like him as a friend, go ahead...add him. But if you're looking for romance, don't look over eager.
Posting: Again, let them initiate the conversation. Just don't forget to facilitate the opportunity. Post something in your status you think they would respond to, or if they write on your wall, make sure you write back. But don't be eager beaver and respond 2 seconds later. Don't forget... Rules Girls have lives.
Chat: Don't respond too fast, but leave them completely hangin'. Again, you have a life.
Photos: Don't post and tag every photo of you two together that you've ever taken. Maybe tag one of a few and let them tag themselves. Also, don't post pics that make it look like you're together when you're not sure if you are... When you post too many pics you may make it look like A. you like him more than you do B. making him think you're eager or desperate. (<--Rules Girls are NOT DESPERATE)

Just don't forget. Keep fb contact whitty and make it look like you're smart, happy, and have a life. Keep the TMI to yourself.

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Rules Girl

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