Sunday, February 6, 2011

He wasn't real...

Have you ever felt like you fell in love with someone that wasn't real? You touched him and he was no floating Devan Sawa, but the actual Caspery ghost guy. You look back and realize the person you were in love with wasn't really them at all. They were not real, and what you thought they were is cold and see through.

They might be real for a brief second (and yes Casper you can keep me). This happens to us sometimes. Sometimes we think we know someone, but then we look back and realize one of two things:
1. They were playing us. Not in the cheating sense, but in the sense that they were acting, or putting on a show to get us, and now they seem worlds different than they were, mainly because they're free to be themselves now.
2. We were living in a dream world. We thought they were different or more than they actually are, simply because we wanted them to be. We wanted it to work or worse yet, we loved them.

Sometimes it's a mixture of the above. They were giving you what you wanted, because they wanted you for a hot second, AND you were so caught up in the moment that you went with it. Whatever it was, they aren't who we thought they were, and it's a devastating and scary feeling to realize you were either tricked, or tricked yourself. However, Rules Girls... be grateful you know. Just goes to show you should always go with your gut whether you know why you're doing it or not. It's worth it.

Be with someone REAL.

Rules Girl


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