Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Sense Crying...

Yep, he's freaking spilt perfume.

No use crying over spilled perfume. I mean, who cries over their perfume spilling? Nobody sane or emotionally stable, that's for sure... so yeah, this complete butt-munch guy... he's that perfume. Yeah, you thought you loved him, liked him, "loaked" him, was cute, whatever... but he really is just that perfume. Wanna know why? Because that scent is sooooo four years ago. It doesn't even smell good on you, never really did, but it was the "cool scent" at the time and so you wore it cuz Victoria (she's full of secrets, like that you don't smell good with that scent) told you to.
Silly Girl.
Welp, at least now you know you didn't spill one worth having I guess. Then again, you knew it all along, but didn't listen to your inner sensory girlz inside of you. Anyway... back to the whole crying over spilled perfume thing and how dumb that is... Just like fish, there are a lot of other perfumes in the sea. Yeah, you thought that perfume was "one of the best ones" you could find... but think about it... you haven't even been to so many perfume shops. I mean, more than just Sephora and Ulta exist ya know. They sell perfume all over, in all sorts of nooks and crannies. <---See, here's some! You'll probably end up finding it when/where you're least expecting it anyway. Like you take a fabulous trip to NYC, just for you and then viola! There it is... where you'd least expect it, CHINATOWN (psha, awesome!) and it only costs 15 bucks (haggled of course).
Yep, see. No use crying over spilled perfume cuz he was really stinky anyway.
Rules Girl


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