Monday, January 24, 2011

How do you know how comfortable you are in a relationship?...

How do you know you're comfortable in a relationship? Nope, it's not necessarily when you can just sit in silence and not have to say anything without it feeling awkward.... Nope.
It all comes down to... (drum roll please- badaddaddrrrdddd <--attempt at typing a drum roll)...
Yep... it's...

Yep, onions I say! I mean think about it. You're sitting in your favorite restaurant of choice and they ask, "Do you want onions on that?" And you think to yourself... what am I doing tonight? Well, it's my first date with this hottie tonight so you respond, "No thanks!" because you'd rather have fresh breath and make a great impression than be stinky mcgee. Plus, sometimes even after you brush they just linger! those stinkers (pun intended, ba boom ching). However, if you have been dating a dude for a year you would probably be all about the onions! You just know you'll give yourself an extra brush or two before blowing in the poor guys face or giving him a nice big smooch. But really, it's a great indicator that you're comfortable in the relationship and with the guy if you're willing to go with the onions.
And being single is even better... onions all the time!!!
crunch crunch, love them onions.
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