Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Verbal Connection

Are you frustrated that your man doesn't want to chit-the-chat with you sometimes? Ugh, so frustrating. Welp, it might be because he doesn't need the verball connection like you do. Some girls who expect their boyfriends to chat with them the way their girlfiriends do, are greatly mistaken. Sorry chica, find a gf to gossip with. The connection he needs is a little different, it's touch. That doesn't mean you should never talk to your man or that he doesn't value conversation at all, it's just not as crucial to him as it is to you.
So next time you find yourself frustrated with his lack of conversation try to remember that his brain works different than yours and think patience, patience, patience, and call your gf to talk about how awesome Blari's outfit was on Gossip Girl that day or about your friend's new pics posted on facebook. If it's really becoming a problem, talk to your man about it... NOT to your gf.
Rules Girl


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