Monday, December 27, 2010

That dreaded day...

It's that dreaded day after a great winter holiday...
The day we all get back to work. (a loud booooooooo)
Some are still on vacation, or in transit to various places around the globe, or stuck because of snow blizzards, but for some... it's the back to work Monday after a great break for Christmas. I like to think of this dreaded day back to work after a holiday as a metaphor for how it feels to get "back" to dating again after getting out of a relationship. Ok, ok, so breaking up isn't exactly a holiday, but the part before it can be pretty good (especially now that it's over you look back and think it was pretty great). However, when you think about the prospect of finding someone new it can become a through of dread. Your head does the same kicking and screaming routine that happens with the Sunday Blues. But we all know that kicking and screaming doesn't do us any good when no matter what we have to get back to work.
Welp, it's the same with dating.
You have two options in this scenario: (and probably some others that I didn't think of)
#1. With your best foot forward, look forward to the future of dating. Look at it as exciting and adventurous. That you'll get to experience something fun with someone new.
#2. Then again, if you just need a little time to yourself, take it. I'm a huge advocate of getting readjusted again just like you would getting back to work. Of embracing singledome and just trying to be comfortable alone and with yourself. To go along with our work metahpor, it would be like getting your cubicle and files organized. Make sure you are focused. Maybe the things that went wrong in your last relationship can be things you can start working on fixing before the next one comes along.
So whatever route it is you take, just think of it like you're going back to work after the holidays... yea... it's a little dreadful, but at the same time, it's life. Live, learn, and work it.
Don't give up on dating altogether.
It reminds me of the song on Billy Madison... "back to school, back to school"
but instead, you're back to work.

Rules Girl


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