Friday, December 17, 2010

Skilled Emotional-ers

Turns out the female and male brain protect themselves differently to "accomplish the same goals." Each sex uses different circuits of their brain to protect themselves from harm. For example, the female brain protects herself and her young by using her instincts and superior emotional and linguistic skills. Which would mean talking their way out of it, coaxing, arguing, or describing a process well in order to protect themselves. This would also include noticing certain behaviors and fleeing the scene because of it BEFORE something awful happens. Men however, go from "zero to fistfight" in seconds as their protection mechanism.

It's information like these brain protection differences that makes me wonder why we always have to be comparing the sexes to each other and deciding "which is the better sex?" Ew, neither. They're both rockin' awesome. We each have different strengths. Now remember this is a generalization, but generalizations are often helpful. For example, information about women's emotional abilities can help men recognize WHY women are often... I don't know... more emotional?
Dear men, instead of looking at us and thinking or saying, women are too emotional, you should look at us and think. Wow, what a skilled emotional-er, I sure love her for that. (vice versa for women to men)

of course right.
We're skilled.

Rules Girl
*information from "The Female Brain" by Louann Brizendene


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