Saturday, December 18, 2010

honey... you gotta Touch your man...

Ladies, there's something you've got to understand. Men need to be touched. Yeah yeah, you'll say you need it more but you're wrong, sorry. It's been scientifically proven that men need to be touched "three times more frequently than females" to maintain the same level of oxytocin (the dopamine love drug that makes them feel all fuzzy inside) as females. Louanne M.D. explains that "without frequent touch, the brains dopamine circuits can feel starved." Couples often dont' realize how much theyd epend on each other's phsycial presence until they are separated for a while. You don't want him to feel like this...all sad and hurt inside.
Oh, and you should also know that giving your man the physical attention he needs actually benefits you too. yea, we like to be touched and affectionate too, but it's a little different for us. Turns out, that when men have enough of the love dopamine they need, they are more focues in their minds and heart on you, even when you may be separated from each other.

I'm not suggesting anything particular or that you do things you are uncomfortable with, but just make sure you're showing him the affection he needs, because touch means something different to him that it does to you, and he needs it more. Women can feel that dopamine love drug they need from other things such as a special glance, acts of service, etc... but the man... nope, sorry, not so lucky.
Show your man a lil' affection, he literally needs it to know you love him.
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