Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The better sex.

ew. There is no "better sex."
Rule # 6,799: Girls and Boys are BOTH cool.
So, Get over yourself.
And no, I'm not directing this toward just men, but toward women as well. We need each other people!!! Ick, I'm just so sick of this competition of who is the "better sex." What a waste of time and space. Without each other there is no "us" nor is there a society to be living in. So get over it and appreciate everyone, both sexes, and each other.
We're both great so love the other sex too! We just have our different strengths and weaknesses, but it's all about balance, right? Right. So who cares if she's emotional sometimes and you're more pragmatic. Sometimes emotion is more important in a situation and sometimes pragmatism is... just embrace it all, because you're getting on my nerves.
Rules Girl


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