Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just fight it out Just fight it out

Instead of walking it out, just fight it out.
Just fight it out, Just fight it out.

ok. So, here's a hypothetical...

For a moment, you weren't a Rules Girl. you weren't yourself. You were attacked by someone and didn't refute their claims because you were too tired of feeling like they didn't understand. Unfortunately for both of you much needed words weren't said that could've been useful... all because you didn't fight it out. Now it's too late. Now, too much time has gone by and it's just too late. There's nothing you can do, and nothing you can say but to leave it be.
hypothetical over... two important things to be learned from this scenario:

First, ALWAYS fight it out (at least if it matters to you). This doesn't mean a physical fight or even a dramatic one, but talk out the issue (ALL THE WAY) or of course it will never be resolved. If they didn't understand what you communicated, tell them. You'll just regret it later.

The Second thing I learned from this situation is that you have to find someone that you fight well with.

Just fight it out, Just fight it out.

Rules Girl


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Take a Hint

Nope, not about your breath...
I'm talking about when he doesn't want you, and you know it, but you keep trying and hoping anyway.
Unfortunately and Eventually you have to take the hint.

You're insides are trying, and you're almost playing the role of desperado...but then you realize, it's hard... but you have GOT TO TAKE THE HINT. For whatever reason, he doesn't want you. It hurts, burns... but that doesn't mean you should keep trying. There comes a time, when each of us has to take the hint, and go. Go for them.... for us... for the whole lot.

It's hard, but you have to do it.

So now it's time to practice focusing on other things, even though that person was your escape from all those other things. It's time to emotionally and mentally get on track by taking the hard road. Face what it is you are not focusing on, and do it. Relish your relationships with other people and relish your work. Read more books, run faster, and write harder. Do what you've gotta do, to really soak it in, and take the hint.

nobody like's playing the role of desperado.

Rules Girl