Sunday, October 24, 2010

Votes for Women

It's that time of year where everyone is sick of hearing all the campaign ads. Mainly because they're never right anyway (but people are too lazy to actually read up on the issues and candidates) anyway oops sorry totally off topic.
The whole point of this post, is... to pay tribute to the original Rules Girls, to the Women of the American Women's suffragist movement. It was because of strong women in the United States that we now enjoy the freedom to vote.

Because of the right to vote, we have so many other freedoms. I love this picture because it represents just how Rules Girlsy these women were. In this picture there are both women with and without children. You can have children, be a mother, and be strong and make a difference, but you can also do it single and strong. Whatever situation you're in, make the most of it, be a great and strong women... like those who made it so we now have the right to vote.
Rules Girl

Friday, October 1, 2010

Don't dwell on broken jump-drives

Anger, frustration, hate, sadness, loss of hope, self-pity... You can't find all the information you once had stored on your travel-drive. You're broken. It's broken. You're consumed by feelings of keeps you from concentrating, working, and your overall success and progression.
All of these negative feelings are debilitating as they keep you focused on yourself, and not on the work that needs to get done. The metaphor of losing all of your information from your travel drive is like that of a relationship. If you keep focusing on all your losses, then you'll never get anything done, find success, get over that someone/find a new love, or improve yourself. So, just shake it off, forgive the guy who broke it, and decide to get back to work and moving on.

Don't dwell on broken jump drives.

Rules Girl