Friday, September 24, 2010

Rules Girls don't Pity Party... When you've got a good thing, embrace it.

see. pity parties are LAME.
Stop thinking about what "they" can do for you and, and start thinking about how you could be doing so much more to show you care about THEM! Quit it with the pity party. If you have a special someone, a significant other, a lover, someone you cherish... embrace it, and especially THEM. Stop focusing inward and on yourself. Stop thinking about how much you need to be loved and how you wish they could be better for you and START thinking about what you can do for them. What can you do to show them you care, want them, love them, need them. Tell them more? Kiss them more? Rules Girls are the type that value those they love. Sometimes we forget to do the little things to show people we love having them in our lives, but we certainly try. So be that Rules Girl that embraces the good thing they've got... especially when you're having a pity party.

Rules Girl


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