Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"_________ Responsibly."

Ok no actually I'm not talking about drinking responsibly. I'm talking about Running AWAY Responsibly. What I mean by this is sometimes you have to follow the gut, your emotions, your heart. Sometimes you have to just go. However, when you do so... you do so responsibly. For the timing is not always appropriate to run... but sometimes it is. For example, you don't just run away from a relationship, but if you're having a hard time expressing yourself, or holding back anger, then it is ok to runaway to the park, or maybe even to your bed for a nap. I don't care where you go, but don't think that if you can't hack the confrontation, that you have to stay there and face it. Just say, I need a little time to myself and RUN! (this book is pretty good, kind of unrelated to this post, but eh) Running can help you get out the emotions you don't know how to express any other way. You just feel you need to escape from so many things, so do it. There are many ways to run... you can paint, sing, RUN, sit at the park, sleep, work, etc... Rules Girls are not affraid to do what they have to. Running sometimes helps the relationship instead of yelling, arguing, showing your hurt too early. Go, run, think it through, but make sure whoever you're running from knows they're loved and that you just need to run. But don't forget to go back, or to use it as a tool of avoidance.

It's good for the soul. Helps you heal.
Run Responsibly.
Runnin' Rules Girl


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