Friday, September 17, 2010

Heightened Emotions.

Sometimes we are overly sensitive.
I know I can overreact, be way too sensy, and get upset over really stupid things. I hate that it happens because in my deep down thinker I'm saying to myself, "You're ridic, it's not a big deal" but then my insides are just screaming with frustration. I mean, have YOU Ever snapped at a special someone or took something they said the wrong way... when you never would have with anyone else? Ever fought about something that if your bff said it, you wouldn't care? Welp, I've decided it's because of heightened emotions. when you're in a relationship or diggin' on someone you have the tendency to overreact about stupid things merely because you're so in touch with those feelers, that you get kinda sensy if they say something that makes you feel in the slightest bit less appealing to them.
Anyway... moral of the story. Whether you're on the receiving end of an overly sensitive emotional outburst, or causing it... Take a step back, breathe, and realize you heart them so it's not worth getting this worked up over. Talk it out, and be done with it.

oh and yes this was inspired by my favorite TV show... any guesses?
Rules Girl


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