Friday, August 13, 2010

A Rules Girl Philosophy - More than one "One" and more than one "Right"

Just a personal philosophy.

There is NOT one right person for each of us. I think there are many of "rights" for each of us, it's just whether or not we come across them all... or whether it is the right timing... boo.

However, if you know this guy isn't one of the "one's" or one of the "rights" then what do you do? If you like them, give them a chance. Test the waters and soon you'll come to know... Things will be brought to light over time, but don't give up too fast because they aren't perfect and don't think that because of one fight that they are not the "one." There is more than "one" "right" for everyone and nobody is perfect. You sure aren't. Sorry, but you really aren't. You sure are cute though :)

Rules Girl


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