Monday, August 30, 2010

Rules Girls are not Judge Judy's...

Yesterday I judged someone, and now I feel incredibly guilty. Being a Judge Judy is not for me and I'm going to congitively strive to NOT be a judge Judy. It's not the Rules Girl way. We're here for our sista's. We don't drag each other down, we lift each other up!

I used to judge "those girls" from the outside and question them or their relationships... but you never know what is really going on and who are you? who am I? Why do I matter? Why should I share my unwanted opinion? To make myself feel better? No, not anymore. Because when you find out your pals are judge-judying you... those relationships are hard to men. Sometimes it even makes you a negative Nancy, but it's not worth getting too down and out about because it's out of your control. So shake it off, say your sorry and get back to being a super stylish Suzy, gratitude Gertrude, or happy Holly... be any alliteration with a positive connotation. We all mess up, some of us more than others. We all don't always have it together, know what we want, or know how to handle situations. But we're all trying and we're all learning.
So next time you're looking form the outside-in. Ask yourself, what would I do in that situation? And be honest with yourself. It will take you about 10 seconds to decide you're not even going to THINK about what a mess you'd be, and that you're no judge Judy... then you'll change the subject and save a friendship.

Rules Girl

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Text to Translate

Have you ever seen those widgets that say "Text to translate" or a button that says "translate?" Wouldn't it be helpful for understanding the other sex? Sheesh, I sure think so. I mean think about it, when your lover, friend, gf, bf, or potential lover, friend, gf, or bf says something and you wonder... "did they mean this or this?" Sometimes we ask them what they think or feel and they don't really tell us, so then we're even more confused. Sometimes it's not really the right time to ask.
So what if you could either push a button or just type in the translation and SHAZAAAM! Out pops the translation. Genius. Come on Google, get on that... "Google translate-date"

A Scenario.
You're on your third date, but still haven't kissed and boy-oh-boy do you want to! Handsome date-man asks you if you want to watch a movie at his place, or go to a movie...Now, you don't want to seem eager-beaver, but you want to get this ball rolling... you wish you could push the "translate" button and find out if the guy is saying, "are you ready to smooch" or "are you not ready to smooch" without the awkwardness of actually asking it.
Another short Scenario.
Boy asks girl, "what do you want to eat?" Girl says, "I don't know" but does know, but for some reason she doesn't say.
Perfect moment for the "translate" button if you ask me...
Wouldn't that be awesome!?
So can someone out there please begin the business of translating what each sex means when they say things. We should probably ask each other more often, and be more open and honest... but this could be even better than ! Now that's a business idea! They do say, find a need... then begin a business from there... hmmm....

Rules Girl

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Rules Girl Philosophy - More than one "One" and more than one "Right"

Just a personal philosophy.

There is NOT one right person for each of us. I think there are many of "rights" for each of us, it's just whether or not we come across them all... or whether it is the right timing... boo.

However, if you know this guy isn't one of the "one's" or one of the "rights" then what do you do? If you like them, give them a chance. Test the waters and soon you'll come to know... Things will be brought to light over time, but don't give up too fast because they aren't perfect and don't think that because of one fight that they are not the "one." There is more than "one" "right" for everyone and nobody is perfect. You sure aren't. Sorry, but you really aren't. You sure are cute though :)

Rules Girl

"that girl"...

Ever been "that girl?" The one you swore you'd never be? The girl who is WAYyyyyyyyyyy too much or tries Wayyyyyyyyy too hard to be someone she is not for a guy? OR "that girl" who kisses and tells. OR "that girl" who has a variety of other attributes or behaviors that you said you'd never be? Welp. Sometimes we ARE that girl. It happens. SO... what do you do about?

After recognizing you've been someone or something you're not... how do you change it?
Welp. The first step is recognizing it and making a conscious effort to be yourself or be who you want to be. The second step is you have to truly decide that's what you want to do. You don't want to try too hard, or be too talkative, too shy, or aggressive... so you make the decision not to be. And you aren't. When you catch yourself doing it, you stop. The third step... is RELAXING. Be you. Stop forcing conversation and just chatting about the things that come to mind without calculating if they're worth mentioning.
Be you. We have all been "that girl" whoever she is to you...
but you don't HAVE to be.

Rules Girl