Friday, May 14, 2010

You say she's cool and you like her... so what's the hold up?


If you like her and think she's stellar then what's the hold up? STOP ANALYZING it and start movin', livin', LOVIN'. It's time to do some investigative work as to whether or not she's actually worth dating instead of just wondering whether or not she's worth a date or two or ten or a hundred. Stop just thinking about it in your head, and ACT.
(yea buddy)
Then you'll actually know and can either move on, or move ahead with the hunny. She's probably worth the catch, and if she's not, then fine.
I mean, the brain is great, but it can't create the actual relationship, interaction, experience and opportunity for you. That's just an imagined interaction... so cmon!
If you like her... go get her.

and you know who you are.

Rules Girl

ps. this goes for girls too... show him you like him a little...


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