Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whoa buddy, take it easy.

Sometimes we try to hard.
Sometimes THEY try to hard.

It's ok, it happens...but learn from it.

Maybe they call too much, had a little bit of an outrageous first date, or are giving you gifts that you just don't feel right about accepting. Maybe they give you too much attention, tell you too many nice things too early in the game, and maybe they kissed you before you were ready. They might even be uber attractive and fun, but the whole trying-too-hard thing is just ... yea quite frightening.

There are many ways to try-too-hard. But we all must learn to take a hint after it's been established they just aren't into it. Learn from it. Have a healthy balance of showing someone you care... and not being once again far too excited about it all. Save the energy, gifts and hard core romance for when it actually exists.

Rules Girl

next post glimpse: "oh wait, but some need to actually TRY..."


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