Thursday, May 20, 2010

Overly Emotional

Being emotional about your friendship?
Acting strange?

The Reason you're being overly emotional about it all... is because you like (loake, crush, etc) him.
Sometimes you are trying to tell yourself or him that you're not interested, and yet you still keep getting sad when he doesn't do certain things, or treat you a certain way... Sound familiar?
Welp, whether you like it or not it's because you like the guy. You may not want to date him, or maybe you do... but look it straight in the eye and admit that you like him. There is some element of like you need to figure out.
Then maybe you can even admit it to him and it will be this?

But that's not always the case. buh. But... still, sort yourself out.
Why else are you upset that he's not spending enough time with you?
Why else are you frustrated that he's going with her and not you?
Welp, as I said.
you probably like him.
Be true to yourself. If you need to separate yourself from him because he doesn't like you back, has a GF, or you know he's not good for you
... then do it before it becomes a mess.



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