Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A much needed discussion... the kissing lead.

A good friend of mine had a recently awful kissing experience and asked that I give the Rules Girl take on it all.

no, not that kind of kiss. This kind...
He explained to me that after a smooch-sesh, the girl he was kissing was taking far too much of "the lead".
uh oh.
Rules Girls, don't strip the poor guy of his manhood... let him lead the way. Yea of course every once in a while it's your turn, and even if he's leading you have a "say" (especially if you don't like the way he kisses).
However, let the guy take the lead. Now don't cry "feminist anger" on me and say, "why should the guy always lead?"... because I like to consider myself a *progressive feminist... Being the leader doesn't make you "stronger" or "better" in some way. It's the way we're made up. Guys like to take the lead... so why not let them? If it makes them feel better about themselves and you could care less about who takes the kissing-lead, then why fight it?

Some may not agree, but might as well take feedback from 'the man' himself.

this is what your bones look like when you kiss. cool eh?
Rules Girl

*My definition of "Progressive Feminist" - Women are not oppressed if we want to stay home with children, or cook, or shop, or don't want to be the bread-winner. Society has determined what oppression is and has claimed we have to be like men, the same as men, to be strong, and independent and "free". No buddy, not in my eyes, we are strong merely because we are women. We can be feminine, have different interests than men, want children, want a clean house, cook meals, or we can be politicians, wear skirts, play professional sports, like guns or whatever else. We are women and we are proud. We don't have to "be" societies definition of a man, to be strong and free.


Blogger Ashley said...

I totally DIG your definition of Progressive Feminist. I'm ready for my copy of the "The Rules Girl" book! When does it come out? :)

March 24, 2011 at 9:50:00 AM PDT  

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