Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ridin' Solo?

Sometimes it feels frustrating to be single. For many reasons...
You may not even feel like dating or want to date right now, but you're disturbed that there isn't anyone out there for you.
You may look around and see all your other friends dating and can't help but wonder what's wrong with you. (don't do this, just be the best you that you can, you're gorge')
You may be broken
You may be non-committal.
Whatever the reason is. Feel good about being single("SOLO").

Jason knows... listen to him.

Rules Girl

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A much needed discussion... the kissing lead.

A good friend of mine had a recently awful kissing experience and asked that I give the Rules Girl take on it all.

no, not that kind of kiss. This kind...
He explained to me that after a smooch-sesh, the girl he was kissing was taking far too much of "the lead".
uh oh.
Rules Girls, don't strip the poor guy of his manhood... let him lead the way. Yea of course every once in a while it's your turn, and even if he's leading you have a "say" (especially if you don't like the way he kisses).
However, let the guy take the lead. Now don't cry "feminist anger" on me and say, "why should the guy always lead?"... because I like to consider myself a *progressive feminist... Being the leader doesn't make you "stronger" or "better" in some way. It's the way we're made up. Guys like to take the lead... so why not let them? If it makes them feel better about themselves and you could care less about who takes the kissing-lead, then why fight it?

Some may not agree, but might as well take feedback from 'the man' himself.

this is what your bones look like when you kiss. cool eh?
Rules Girl

*My definition of "Progressive Feminist" - Women are not oppressed if we want to stay home with children, or cook, or shop, or don't want to be the bread-winner. Society has determined what oppression is and has claimed we have to be like men, the same as men, to be strong, and independent and "free". No buddy, not in my eyes, we are strong merely because we are women. We can be feminine, have different interests than men, want children, want a clean house, cook meals, or we can be politicians, wear skirts, play professional sports, like guns or whatever else. We are women and we are proud. We don't have to "be" societies definition of a man, to be strong and free.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Aw Presh

I love it when I witness an extremely confident, awesome, and hottie-boom-balottie* male who gets a little nervous around a pretty and competent feline. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Sometimes it's often fair warning to stay away from the too-hot-and-awesome-to-be-true guys because they often spell... T-R-O-U-B-L-E. However, it's moments like the one I just witnessed that you realize it's not so bad and that not all hottie-boom-balotties* are jerks, because it's NOT true. They just need the right they actually like. It always seems to work out better if you like the person ;)

Focus shift: With that aside... Don't you think it's almost better to date a guy who's flaws you think are adorable (I like this guy hehe) than to have a guy with none at all? mmmmm yep. I think so. Because, let's be real... if you think someone doesn't have flaws it's probably because you haven't found them yet. Just sayin'.

Flawed or perfect, happy hearting.
Rules Girl
*creator of this word must be credited, thank you MBHA.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Overly Emotional

Being emotional about your friendship?
Acting strange?

The Reason you're being overly emotional about it all... is because you like (loake, crush, etc) him.
Sometimes you are trying to tell yourself or him that you're not interested, and yet you still keep getting sad when he doesn't do certain things, or treat you a certain way... Sound familiar?
Welp, whether you like it or not it's because you like the guy. You may not want to date him, or maybe you do... but look it straight in the eye and admit that you like him. There is some element of like you need to figure out.
Then maybe you can even admit it to him and it will be this?

But that's not always the case. buh. But... still, sort yourself out.
Why else are you upset that he's not spending enough time with you?
Why else are you frustrated that he's going with her and not you?
Welp, as I said.
you probably like him.
Be true to yourself. If you need to separate yourself from him because he doesn't like you back, has a GF, or you know he's not good for you
... then do it before it becomes a mess.


Friday, May 14, 2010

You say she's cool and you like her... so what's the hold up?


If you like her and think she's stellar then what's the hold up? STOP ANALYZING it and start movin', livin', LOVIN'. It's time to do some investigative work as to whether or not she's actually worth dating instead of just wondering whether or not she's worth a date or two or ten or a hundred. Stop just thinking about it in your head, and ACT.
(yea buddy)
Then you'll actually know and can either move on, or move ahead with the hunny. She's probably worth the catch, and if she's not, then fine.
I mean, the brain is great, but it can't create the actual relationship, interaction, experience and opportunity for you. That's just an imagined interaction... so cmon!
If you like her... go get her.

and you know who you are.

Rules Girl

ps. this goes for girls too... show him you like him a little...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whoa buddy, take it easy.

Sometimes we try to hard.
Sometimes THEY try to hard.

It's ok, it happens...but learn from it.

Maybe they call too much, had a little bit of an outrageous first date, or are giving you gifts that you just don't feel right about accepting. Maybe they give you too much attention, tell you too many nice things too early in the game, and maybe they kissed you before you were ready. They might even be uber attractive and fun, but the whole trying-too-hard thing is just ... yea quite frightening.

There are many ways to try-too-hard. But we all must learn to take a hint after it's been established they just aren't into it. Learn from it. Have a healthy balance of showing someone you care... and not being once again far too excited about it all. Save the energy, gifts and hard core romance for when it actually exists.

Rules Girl

next post glimpse: "oh wait, but some need to actually TRY..."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don't take me so literal...

Just fyi... don't take me so literally.

For example: When I say it's best to be homely...

I'm not REALLY telling you to be homely and that if you are then you won't be raped.
Any need for further clarification can received through e-mail to me at

until then,
take it easy and less literal.

Rules Girl