Friday, April 30, 2010

It's a good thing to be homely...

So when I studied abroad our director would tell us that the less attractive we were, the better. He always told us it was better to be homely...safer. "There is always someone who thinks you're attractive, so why try to look like everyone else when you're safer being more homely."
I didn't really understand the reality of what he was suggesting until 5 years later.
I was walking in a parking lot, in a not-so-safe part of town, and this man (late 40's, disheveled looking, pretty worn out clothing) was somewhat charging toward me. I looked at him strange and thought to myself, "what will I do if he attacks me because this backpack I'm carrying is larger than life"... and then he was close enough to see me well and said, "Oh. (hand wave of dismissal toward me). You're not worth it. You don't even turn me on". He stomped away mad... sorry I'm homely dude, but then again no I'm really really not.

Lesson learned = It's ok to not be the prettiest girl in town. I'd rather not be rapped, mugged, or even asked for my number by the crazy-scary guy in the parking lot.

I mean Rules Girl

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rule # 8,943: Think before you emoticon.

This is a crucial rule to every Rules Girl's Textual Communication skills. Messages sent via text and technology are a whole new realm of human communication. Now don't forget that they DO have firm meaning.
We use...


just to name a few. But please, be careful how you use them.

If you aren't interested in a guy, but are forced to thank him for a gift he randomly gave you. The text (and yes, text because it's not as personal as a phone call and shows more care and interest) you send him to thank him should have absolutely NO emoticons or exclamation points. If you are thanking him for a date you absolutely loved, you probably should hold back on the exclamation point and maybe or maybe not nix the happy face and other emoticons altogether.

You may see this as over-analytical... but emoticons are communication too...

Think about it. What do you want to portray? Emoticons now add to your image... they are a newer form of human communication, but still just as valuable.

The rule: Think before you emoticon.

Rules Girl

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You aren't picking a date... you're going on one.

It's just a date...

NO! You aren't PICKING a date... you're going on one.
Ok, so you have been out a bit, maybe smooched and casnoodled a little but HELLO it's just dating so if you're envisioning yourself in white... STOP. Sometimes we get a little carried away. We are rushed, or rush ourselves into knowing exactly what "we should BE". ew. No... totes not how dating works.

Just DATE them. Let it take it's course. Slow and steady, said the horse. nay.
(just said that cuz it rhymes... moving on).
So. If you catch yourself being a little eager beaver and feeling like you either need to break up with them because you aren't seeing marriage all bright and clear in the future*, or that you feel like you should know right away what the future holds, or that you feel like you want to marry them after 3 dates... welp. See this picture. It's a good thing. Don't let a good thing pass you by because you were too excited about the 'M' word.
My advice...Ever heard of those pills that make you chill? Well take one because if you don't scare the guy away you're certainly scaring someone else in the near vicinity.

Take it easy.
one date at a time.
It's just a date. You're getting to know each other...

Rules Girl

*however, if you know it's not going anywhere don't drag them along.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rule #4,599,211: Rules Girls are NOT Bridezillas


My sincerest apologies for my neglect, but it's Wedding season. As soon as that little groundhog announced the spring beginning the Weddings starting popping up all over the calendar and here I am...So... given it's the season...
Let's talk...
Weddings vs. Marriage.
Whether you are a big or small, fun or fancy, wedding girl, don't be a bridezilla!
Rule #4,599,211: NO Rules Girl would be caught dead as a Bridezilla.
Rules Girls are NOT those girls that are more excited about the ring than the man when they get engaged. Rules Girls are NOT those girls that are more excited about their wedding dress and decor than they are with their daddy-daughter dance at the reception. They are not those girls running around crying, complaining, or sulking about the way things turned out or how people are acting... Rules Girls are NOT Bridezillas.

Rules Girls remember what the wedding is all about. I know, the movies all say it's "your day". "It's all about the bride..." welp. Get a clue cuz it's not. It's about your family, it's about your friends and it's about showing your man you're so happy you made the choice you did that you're going to kiss the crap out of him every moment you can steal away from guests.
So... whether you be married, single, engaged, in-a-relationship, or whatever... be planning not only about your photos, beauty, colors, and decor but plan to not only make it "your day" but theirs too...

Rules Girl