Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stop being the crazy friend

I think we've all had girlfriends that become crazy once we're dating somone. This is the opposite of what a Rules Girl would do if her friend started dating someone. Before the words, "you've changed" come out of your mouth take a second to think to yourself about the following:

- It's more important that I love her, than tell her she's being crazy right now.
-Your relationship with her, is different than her relationship with him. That'd be gross if it wasn't, so of course she's a little different.
- Of course she's spending less time with you and is a little spacey, she's got a lot going on... she's trying to balance YOU, HIM, and LIFE. Cut her some slack.

Sometimes you just need to listen and be understanding...
- You're her friend... so support her. If you think she's changing to the extreme (so much she's wacky wacky) then you either need to address it REALLY nicely, or you need to leave it be and let her figure it all out for herself. Usually the latter is the better way to go. You know she won't do something TOO stupid... because she's smart (ok she might but still). Just let her figure it out. Sometimes you need to filter what you think (I struggle with it too) to spare her feelings and your relationship. But also don't lie to her. If she asks you your opinion of the dude or if she's being weird, tell her... NICELY.
- Lastly, remember that sometimes it's all just in your head. You have a jealousy issue you need to deal with. Get over it.
So don't be crazy, be a good friend. HAVE FUN with her in the allotted time you DO have...
That's what a Rules Girl would do!
Rules Girl


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting. I just wish there was a post titled "Stop being the crazy friend just because you're dating someone".

March 3, 2010 at 6:45:00 PM PST  

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