Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do the "Rules" keep you from being yourself?

Do the Rules keep a girl from being herself?
With-holding from texting someone too much, being too eager for a date/marriage, or not crazy-stalking a guy does not keep a girl from being herself (unless the girl is crazy- in that case be our guest). It's actually just a control of behavior and mindset. Also... we are not changing who we are, but how we react, respond and what we do in situations, that will actually make us better. Your personality and overall character are still the same... you just aren't going to be seen as over-eager in your dating endeavors and so forth.
We change behavior all time. It's the same concept as...
1. Using a tissue instead of your arm when you sneeze. 2. Not picking your zits in public 3. Shaving your armpits 4. Listening instead of doing all the talking in a conversation 5. Telling people nice things and not all the awful things about them and so forth...
These are all examples of social constructions that whether we like it or not, exist. As such, they make our relationships and even our image much better. It's for our own benefit. These are all things that don't really establish who we are, they are just behaviors that assist us in our overall interactions. You want the guy to see who you are, a beautiful, confident, awesome girl... not the girl who's so over eager, self-conscious, needy, and clingy. Abiding these social constructions can actually help you, and the Rules Girl mindset can help you as well.
Now remember with all of this, the Rules we discuss on this blog are not written in stone, but are of the overall mindset that a guy will ask you out, will call you, or will talk to you... if he likes you.
Be YOU...
(which can still consist of you not texting him all day while never receiving responses)

Rules Girl


Blogger Kendall K said...

Well written! The rules make you think before you act... keeping you from making some mistakes and from feeling embarrassed down the road.

March 20, 2010 at 11:58:00 AM PDT  

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