Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rule #42: Facilitate

Rules Girls don't ask guys on dates... but we sure facilitate them in doing so.
There are many ways to facilitate...(way more than I suggest, just thought I'd throw these out there)
1. Talk to him (obvi), get to know him through attending things he does and chatting with him. However, don't smother him and follow him around. Feel out his response. If you don't ever talk to the guy, don't expect him to do a whole lot.
2. "Finding" a date for an event with other friends or for a work event is different than asking a guy on a date. This can be ulitized to get to know someone better and show them you have a little interest in doing so.
3. Invite them to something fun you're doing with a group of people (kind of sounds like #1, but not as formal) however, only do this once or twice and then call it quits because the ball needs to be in his court. What girl doesn't want a balla'?
4. Say, I totally want to _____. See what happens from there. If he doesn't get the hint, he's probs not smart enough for you anyway.
Remember that facilitating is not doing the work for the guy, but encouraging the work to be done.
However, if you went on a few dates in the past, and he hasn't been giving the feelers back at you, then he's not interested anymore. Sometimes that happens :( Cheer up sad face, because you're a Rules Girl. Your life is determined not by what you get, but what you put into it.

Rules Girl

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