Friday, February 26, 2010

Are you a REAL boy?

Hey Guys (I mean that literally... MEN) ... pretty much if you haven't seen the 100 movies on this list... you aren't a real man ok so that's just what someone said. Just sayin'....
jkjk but check it out.
Maybe us girls can judge our girliness by the movies we have NOT seen? Nah... then we'd miss out on some fab movies. Here's a few from the list.

This is my favorite movie of all time. Love me some Mr. Smith.

Let's just say that if you haven't seen Star Wars you cannot call yourself an organism of planet earth. I didn't say you had to like it (ok, well maybe I am saying that).

OMG. I need to watch this. Wanna come over?

Yummay now these are some men.

Funny story about this one... but uhhh yea...

Rules Girl

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LETTER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here's my situation:
I know this guy who has recently befriended a girl, however he is not interested in pursuing her and is trying really hard to be her friend but not give her the wrong idea. He started getting the vibes that she liked him but he didn't want to be cold or anything (kinda obvious when she's asking him if it'd be kosher to ask HIM out on a date). Now he's in a pickle because of course he doesn't want to hurt her or lead her on, but she's read into things. The other day she confessed to me that she has a "tiny crush" on him. I already knew how he felt, but I didn't want to be the one to dash any hopes. I simply told her he just got out of a relationship (which is true) and may not really be looking to get involved with anyone right now (which is partly true?...he asked one of my friend's out the other night). I just suggested she keep meeting other guys to keep her options open.
So question is....What else can I do? How can I help her become a Rules Girl?
Oh dear oh dear,
Thanks for your letter! I think this is one that we've all been in before. It's hard to watch a friend be a little outrageous when it comes to guys. It's hard to see a girl step out of her Rules Girl-ness and into the world of being "that girl". yikesabee. Well, I think you're doing the right thing so far and to continue in that direction. Advising her to keep her options open and to look for other guys is the best thing you can do. That AND to take her out and get her eye on someone else... Oh and then of course you can send her a link to my blog (ok, not this post) baha jk. But really, unfortunately we can't shake girls and tell them PLEASE BE A RULES GIRL it's for YOUuuuuuuuuuuuu... they just have to learn from their mistakes and then eventually they just figure it out through trial and error (some faster than others) or they end up getting a mail order lover (jk). But WhaDuIdoo... you're being a great friend, just keep encouraging her in the right direction, nudge gently and never be harsh and tell her she's ridic...not quite time for that.

Rules Girl

Monday, February 22, 2010

Would a Rules Girl go on The Bachelor?


How many of you have been watching the Bachelor? Do you feel like a Rules Girl would go on the Bachelor? I mean, it's not like they're just going on there to date, they're going on the show to MARRY the guy... My thoughts are these:
- You probably have high self-esteem (as Rules Girl should) to go on a show like that which is good.
- However, is that how you think a Rules Girl finds her HUSBAND? Maybe a guy to date, but to seal the deal? Rules Girls want to marry a man they love, not merely find a husband that is cool because he's on TV.
- The fact that you are all smooching and even sleeping with the same guy and KNOW about it seems a little risque, that would make ME crazy.

- The fact that he doesn't know how much he loves you compared to someone else... I want a man who knows.
- You have to put the jealous girl aside (as a Rules Girl should) so that's also good...

HMMMMM... what do YOU think? post a comment or e-mail me at
Rules Girl


Not my journal

Just to clear things up, this blog is by no means my journal.

I base my blog posts on many things, and for the most part NOT on current situation. Let's be real, how bad would that be if a current lover read it and was like... uhhh? Yea, not that stupid. I base a lot of my blogs on past situations, things I see, studies I read, etc... so please don't be thinking to yourself, "Wow, Rules Girl must have just had a rough break up" or "Rules Girl is clearly not dating anyone"... because guess what... this isn't my journal, nor blog be such a thing.

Just an FYI that I thought I'd clear up.

Rules Girl

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rule #43: Reciprocate

There is a second part to Facilitating....don't forget that you need to reciprocate. If you've been on a few (not NOne) dates, then it's probably your turn to suggest a little something. Wanna come over and watch _____ (the show you both love), and have dinner in? take a ride on the free ferris wheel downtown or to get a McFlurry and watch rugby at the park? It's important to reciprocate... you don't want him to think you're just "being nice" by going on dates with him, because Rules Girls aren't "just nice" we actually want something out of this.

"get the picture?" <---- name that movie/song/play... baha

Rules Girls

Rule #42: Facilitate

Rules Girls don't ask guys on dates... but we sure facilitate them in doing so.
There are many ways to facilitate...(way more than I suggest, just thought I'd throw these out there)
1. Talk to him (obvi), get to know him through attending things he does and chatting with him. However, don't smother him and follow him around. Feel out his response. If you don't ever talk to the guy, don't expect him to do a whole lot.
2. "Finding" a date for an event with other friends or for a work event is different than asking a guy on a date. This can be ulitized to get to know someone better and show them you have a little interest in doing so.
3. Invite them to something fun you're doing with a group of people (kind of sounds like #1, but not as formal) however, only do this once or twice and then call it quits because the ball needs to be in his court. What girl doesn't want a balla'?
4. Say, I totally want to _____. See what happens from there. If he doesn't get the hint, he's probs not smart enough for you anyway.
Remember that facilitating is not doing the work for the guy, but encouraging the work to be done.
However, if you went on a few dates in the past, and he hasn't been giving the feelers back at you, then he's not interested anymore. Sometimes that happens :( Cheer up sad face, because you're a Rules Girl. Your life is determined not by what you get, but what you put into it.

Rules Girl

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

RG Rant: Stop being ridiculous it's getting on my nerves

I'm serious, I've had enough. Every time I hear about it I to scream in sadness and rage for those who think this way...Align Center If I hear one more comment about how someone feels like they should be "married with children by now", or that they "just won't be happy until they're married, dating someone, etc etc" I will gouge some kind of something out of something or other. I can't take it, you MUST stop. You're hurting my insides, and offended my gender and all that we are.
Don't you understand there is something else for you in store? Do you NOT recognize that you have so much to offer and to be grateful for? Being a mother, a girlfriend, a wife is such a worthy role, but let Life, God, Fate... whatever you believe in... guide you the best way It, He, They... will and do. Or so YOU believe, remember?
What guy wants a girl that is unhappy in her life situation as it is and can't not only make the best of her situation, but LOVE it? None worth having.
No guy wants a whiney, needy, wannabe-something-other-than-I-am-all-the-time girl. If you aren't happy now, you won't be happy then. So I guess... you're just going to have to be miserable and negative for the rest of time whether with a man or not. So please leave me alone and never mention it again because I can't take it. Shed your negativity on someone who doesn't like or trust Life, God, and/or the Fates to give them what they need and is best for the time being.

Please... for YOU...Go be great (and happy)... and love it.

Rules Girl