Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rule # 4: Do not claim territory that is not your own

You really need to stop "claiming" these guys as your territory, because they aren't yours to be claimed until you've gone on at LEAST a couple dates with them if not more, even then... claiming is weird. Just because he has struck your fancy, doesn't mean that he's YOURS and no other girl can talk, date, or smooch the guy.
Rules Girls are more like Lewis and Clark. We explore, we take our pal Sacajawea... but we aren't the one's claiming anything. See look they're checkin' stuff out.
Not like Governor Ratcliffe (remember him from Pocahontas?) We know how that ended up... boo.
Far too often girls have this weird claim on a guy, even if they barely talk to him. Then if a friend talks to him or gets asked out by him, they get all razzed. Well honey-buns, take it easy... breathe a little because he's not your prize to be wanted*. He's fair game until you're smoochin' or at least have been on a few dates with the guy. Then it's common-girl-sense to back off...
Rules Girls are not jealous creatures, we have a healthy emotional-logical balance of dating and of life (majority of the time, we all have wig-outs). We recognize that if he's not asking us out, he's probs just not that into us. If he asks out our friend and she likes him we are a little sad inside but will be happy for them both because our turn will come, and there is always more land to be exploring (never discount Antarctica - metaphor intended).

You aren't Governor Ratcliffe, so take it easy and just be the Lewis & Clark you truly are...

Rules Girl

*name that movie


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Rules Girl! Thank you for this post! Recently I have learned about the system girls use to claim guys. Totally bogus. I have a roommate who wanted to ask a girl out, but apparently one of her friends, who he barely noticed (no offense), had "claimed" him. Because of it he wasn't able to take her out. Oh so stupid.

March 3, 2010 at 3:21:00 PM PST  

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