Sunday, December 13, 2009

You're bitter.

You know that face you make when it's just too bitter. blehck. yucky yucky... get OUT OF MY MOUTH!!!!

I hate it when that happens. You always run to find a bite of something real tasty, maybe sweet... maybe savory ANYTHING but bitter.
Rules Girls are NOT bitter. We taste gooooooood, and I mean goooooood. Rules Girls are not bitter that they don't have a man. Rules Girls are not bitter that someone else DOES. Rules Girls are not hiding in bitterness to cover up the insecurities and sadness of their loneliness.

this is my face when I talk to bitter girls.
Rules Girls are sweet, savory, yummy, tasty and whatever adjective you can come up with to describe our deliciousness.
ps. guys don't love bitter. blehck. who does!?
You want to be like this.

yummmmmm mmmmmmmmmm
Ok, so you ARE bitter... how do you change? Well... you are probably either missing a few ingredients, or don't have the right mix of ingredients. You need to find the right balance. So work on getting rid of those negative/bitter ingredients you have and change it up for some sweetness. We have control over our thoughts, actions, and even emotions to a point... the ingredients are the parts of your attitude or life that you need to change.
But change for you, and not for them... they'll just be a nice bonus because when you aren't bitter...
Guys are more like THIS ...

yummm I want some more where THAT came from...

Rules Girl


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