Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Numbers are increasing!

According to my dear friend, Google Analytics, our visits are increasing and it's all because of YOU! Because you are the rockstars that make this blog what it is, I want to know what it is YOU like or don't like about If you have any feedback, please send me an e-mail at Give me a shout... what do you want, not want... etc.
Thanks for your visits!

Rules Girl

Monday, December 28, 2009


Have you ever noticed that guys who THINK they're hot-snot are less attractive?
Weird how that goes... It's highly unnatractive for a guy to be overly cocky*. I mean think about can't be that hard to get one in mind. The kind where they auto-think-you-love-them, or that you just look at their profile pic history of consecutive shirts off and so forth. Or when they talk they smile when you ask about them in that way that insists you ask because you're obsessed with them. (now, we aren't TOO quick to judge, but we also know it when we see it)
I have to think of it through their eyes because I guess that's a hard balance to strike for an ellgible bachelor to be confident, but not caulky. Considering a girl doesn't want an overly image-conscious guy who is commenting on his ugliness all the time. yea, no me gusta.
But still, why date the guy who thinks he's so stinkin' hot when you can have the cute adorable one that doesn't really know it so much and it makes him even more grateful that you're so hot.... Yea, I def choose option B.

I'll let the others
have the hot-snot and I'll just stick to the 'boogs'. baha. okok, not that funny... but a kinda
Rules Girl

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's not me it's you

It's often said, "it's not you, it's me"... welp, let's be honest you should be saying, "it's not me, it's you".

Just be for real.

Why lie to the person when you're just down right saying, I don't like you enough for this to continue any further. When you are determining the relationship (DTR = destroy the relationship in this situation) then why be so nice about it and try and pretend that the other person is ACTUALLY what you're looking for? Doesn't quite make sense and Rules Girls like sense. It isn't all just about the Pathos*, but the Logos* as well.


Rules Girl

*Aristotle's three elements to a good argument include: Ethos (credibility of the speaker), Pathos (emotional appeal) & Logos (logical appeal).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

brrrrrrr... Rules Girls don't always jump right in.

Sometimes Rules Girls protect themselves by holding back. It's like when you know water is super cold so you dip your foot in real quick to test it and don't just jump right in. Sometimes the burrrrrrrrrrrrrr isn't worth it.

(ok let's be honest, sometimes you just jump in, but for the sake of the situation, roll with the metaphor).

In the beginning,
we don't get too riled up and excited over a guy because it just seems like a set up for a major disappointment.
Nice and easy does it for the protection ofthe heart. We slowly get into the water and continually get used to it, then put a little more in and keep it a goin', nice and easy...
I mean, after all, the whole reason we are Rules Girls is because we've learned from mistakes (or others) in the past or are hoping not to make them in the future. We don't want shock or hypothermia!

So Rules Girls, it's ok to not jump into things. It's ok to protect yourself from potential heart break, it's ok to take it slow if you need to. Just remember to keep the balance though and not to completely shy yourself away from life and opportunities. You don't necessarily have to jump on in, but don't miss out on the opportunity to get in the water.
Sometimes he's ready and you aren't... that's ok. Just get a little wet... one step at a time and go from there. If he knows what's good for him, he'll be patient.

Rules Girl

Sunday, December 13, 2009

You're bitter.

You know that face you make when it's just too bitter. blehck. yucky yucky... get OUT OF MY MOUTH!!!!

I hate it when that happens. You always run to find a bite of something real tasty, maybe sweet... maybe savory ANYTHING but bitter.
Rules Girls are NOT bitter. We taste gooooooood, and I mean goooooood. Rules Girls are not bitter that they don't have a man. Rules Girls are not bitter that someone else DOES. Rules Girls are not hiding in bitterness to cover up the insecurities and sadness of their loneliness.

this is my face when I talk to bitter girls.
Rules Girls are sweet, savory, yummy, tasty and whatever adjective you can come up with to describe our deliciousness.
ps. guys don't love bitter. blehck. who does!?
You want to be like this.

yummmmmm mmmmmmmmmm
Ok, so you ARE bitter... how do you change? Well... you are probably either missing a few ingredients, or don't have the right mix of ingredients. You need to find the right balance. So work on getting rid of those negative/bitter ingredients you have and change it up for some sweetness. We have control over our thoughts, actions, and even emotions to a point... the ingredients are the parts of your attitude or life that you need to change.
But change for you, and not for them... they'll just be a nice bonus because when you aren't bitter...
Guys are more like THIS ...

yummm I want some more where THAT came from...

Rules Girl

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sometimes we suck at life & Dreams crash down

Sometimes Rules Girls dreams crash down.

Sometimes even Rules Girls kind of suck at life.
Keep going, keep trying...
you might suck, but do it anyway.
You'll make it, even though the end is not quite in sight.
You've got this.

Rules Girl

Rules Girls wonder "what's goin' on" too...

Just because Rules Girls are tough, that doesn't mean we don't ever wonder
"what's been goin' on?" about past flames, lovers, etc etc etc...

Don't forget to FEEL Rules Girls. Yes, we believe in the ability to control our thoughts and feelings to some extent, but we also believe in the health that comes from feeling. So if you are having a couple wondering thoughts about "what's been goin' on?" it's ok.
Feel it for a sec, let it soak.

ring it out, stop wondering... and get on girl. You got it.

Rules Girl

Saturday, December 5, 2009

No News... is Bad News

If you aren't hearing from them = no news is probably bad news.
Not to depress you or anything, but really......... and don't give in! Don't be the one to contact him. You want someone that wants YOU! If he isn't contacting you, he's probably not interested. If you're going through the weird sporadic-contact situation, then I would almost take it one more step and say that some news, but not a whole lot is probably not great news either. Yea, he could be busy, and you're busy too... but if he really likes you, the contact will not wane too much.
No News is Bad News by Dashboard Confessional

I'm not saying you should be seeing each other or even calling/texting/chatting everyday... I'm just saying that no news is probably bad news.
It sucks to have another one bite the dust, I get it. But take it like a ... woMan you got this.

Rules Girl

oh and ps. of course there is an exception to every rule... but Rules Girls are not desperately trying to claim to be the exception
why? because we don't DO desperate.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Foul Language

Don't call me pal, buddy, bud, or friend as you just shot me into auto-friend zone (ew). That may have been your intention (which is fine if I'm utterly creepy in your fine opinion)... HOWEVER, if you have any inclination that you could see yourself dating me in the future, never use such foul language. As it's implications are strong and almost forever lasting.
Moral of the post, don't use foul language... you could want to date me (ok, or them or whatever context you want to use) in the future, and ruined it by auto-shooting it into the friend zone with your foul langauge.
Don't call me your pal, because A. I'm not. and B. I don't want to be.
(I already have enough "pals")
Rules Girl