Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Don't use Foul Language

Please don't call me pal, bud, buddy, or friend because you just auto-shot me into the friend zone (ew.) with this foul language.
Maybe it was your intention (probably) but maybe it wasn't. Guys and gals... don't auto-shoot someone into the friendzone by using such foul language. Also don't assume you need to use such language because you think someone is so utterly wasted in their love for you. Such boundaries are unneccessary so early in the game. So, A word from the wise (baha). Use language carefully. If the person is appalling and you REALLY don't ever want them to think there could be something between you and they are quite creepy, then utilize such foul rhetoric to give the intended impression. However: if there's even the slightest chance something could be there.... never use such foul language.

I'm NOT your buddy. Nor do I want to be.

Rules Girl


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