Friday, November 13, 2009

D-FENSE boom boom D-FENSE boom boom

don't let this be you....
Rules Girls are on the defense. Yep, it's true. We aren't the running back, the quarter pack, and we're clearly not cut for the offensive-line...
Rules Girls are always on the defense. If Mr. Hottie (or even not so mr. hottie) wants us, come on at us and we'll play with you... otherwise, we're busy being a defensive-end so leave us alone. We are continually protecting ourselves from both those we want to come tackle us, and those we wish we weren't even playing two-hand touch with. (ok this is flag, but you get the picture) The ones we want often hurt us pretty bad, so we need to learn how to play the game right and learn how to tackle. We don't want any flags being thrown and especially no injuries. How do you tackle the right way? Welp. You don't show every feeling you feel or thought you have. Be on the Defense. AND...don't feel bad if your guard is up every so often in the game of love or if you're wearing your pads and helmet. It's smarter that way. I mean, look at Rugby players... blood and injuries everywhere.

We protect ourselves.
Go Defense!

Rules Girl


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