Monday, November 9, 2009

The Calm

It's funny the more you date, the less excited you get about guys and I mean that in a completely healthy and good way. it dies down from that 16 then 18 year-old phase of "obsessive crushes" that don't ever really turn out as great as you hype them up to be anyway...

You pretty much decide that hey, that one is cute and funky and wonderful... but if he doesn't like me... eh, whatevs. I still love A. my life. B. my self C. whatever else suits you spiritually, emotionally and mentally.
It seems that as we become more of the **Rules Girl we strive to be, the more calm we are in our dating lives. And when we ARE NOT calm, it usually is a bad sign.
Relationships are not supposed to be full of drama and confusion, they are supposed to be fun, comfortable and best of all... calm.
There will always be things to work out and communicate. There will be hard things to discuss and work on, but over all, don't be hating it, or it's just not worth it. If you have anxiety, either call it off or get it figured out.
Be Calm.

Rules Girl
** (Rules Girl meaning *intERdependent in our relationships, healthy, happy and beautiful)
*interdependent = mutually dependent; depending on each other. It's the healthy kind.
(but not CO-dependent or DEpendent <--- we'll leave that for another post)


Blogger Ashley said...

RG, I'm loving all the recent posts!

November 10, 2009 at 5:26:00 PM PST  

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