Tuesday, October 27, 2009

He's just not that into you... if...

No, not a movie review...
it's actually a little more. Deciding whether he is or isn't "into you" is most confusing when you're trying to establish whether you are "friendly" or "friendliER".
However, there are some pretty blatant signs for any stage or relationship.
he's just not that into

- He brings someone else along on what you thought might be a "date"...
- He hasn't taken you out lately...ok, or ever. Nope that doesn't 'count' as a date.
- He doesn't initiate contact... you do the texting and calling
- He hasn't made a move and it's been a long long time since you've been friends or hanging out
we should carve this in a pumpkin to make it the right kind of seasonal.
- He hasn't somehow otherwise (physically shown you he likes you or asked you out) expressed interest CLEARLY as in, "I like you and want to date you". <--- pretty sure this rarely happens before the other two. - He comes up with a cop-out of why it "won't work".
- He likes to smooch you but just "isn't ready for a relationship" or "looking for one right now"
- He's been "busy" and never called you back, all 4 times in a row. (this is so un-rules girlesque, you shouldn't have called him 4 times)
- He is asking out lots of other chicas and especially in front of you... uhhhhhh

Sometimes we just don't want to admit it because it stinks. But it's better to just know and get it over with. So if it's you, be the one in control of the emotions... be sad about and then and then move it along.

Rules Girl

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