Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guest Blogger: Jeffrey - "Don't be Stupid"

Here's a little info from a different perspective. A boy who gets the Rules and encourages girls to live by them. His name is simply... Jeffrey.

So here's what Jeffrey has to say:

It's so easy to tell if a guy ACTUALLY likes you, or if he just wants something from you. People try to do mental gymnastics because they don't want to face the fact that a person may not like them back.

yea, don't be this girl.
For example: If he doesn't want to take you out to meet his friends, he doesn't like you that much. Furthermore if he only wants to meet with you in one-on-one settings and at random hours, it's a clear indication that he is unwilling to be seen in public with you. If he does not invite you to a party or social gathering, it's most likely that he's trying to find "another" girl that he likes more than you. (Rules Girl interjection... uh oh). If people use common sense they can easily tell if the guy likes them or not. I know personally that no matter how busy I am, I can find time to spend time with the people I care about. That doesn't mean everyday, but it does mean that they are in my thoughts, in my heart... and they feel it. Excuses like "I'm really busy with work" are just that. EXCUSES. So Ladies please, use a modicum of common sense and ask yourself this simple question... is this how I would treat somebody that I liked?

Thanks for guest blogging for us Jeffrey we always love a man's perspective.

XOXO Rules Girl


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I´m a girl and thanks Jeffrey, at least you are honest...

June 30, 2013 at 8:36:00 AM PDT  

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