Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Rules Girl Uncertainty Theory

Sometimes we'd just rather not know.
We'd rather not know too much about someone...yet.
We'd rather not know where the relationship stands...yet.
We'd rather not have to define how we feel...yet.

It IS possible to give too much information about yourself or want it from others, too soon?
A. Instant boredom for the other person
B. Can scare the other person away as things move faster than they're ready for
C. You move too fast then realize you don't want it because you're "over it".
Don't give someone or yourself more CERTAINTY than they are ready for. Instead, let it come one little increment at a time. Be honest and open of course, but please don't divulge everything or move fast too soon. I've seen too many relationships dissolve because of it.

oh... and don't expect a definition or instant reciprocation of feelings. Sometimes uncertainty regarding how you feel is better than feeling not-so-hot about it... right?

Sometimes Uncertainty is a good thing.
Rules Girl

Disclaimer: Uncertainty Theory is an actual theory within interpersonal communication,
but is not being discussed in an academic sense in this post, please see scholarly journals and
Goffman's "face theory" to better serve your understanding.


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