Sunday, September 27, 2009

LETTER: How to respond to mediocre dates

Hi Rules Girl,

I'm just the end of a mediocre date--with a person you will bump into again--when he says "This was great, do you think we should do it again sometime?" is it meaner to say "Sure" and then avoid him, or to just say "Y'know, kinda not". I feel like outright rejection is just too mean, but at the same time, a lot easier on both people. Please advise.

Thank you!
Y'Know, Kinda Not.

Dear Y'Know, Kinda Not,

This is a toughy! Hopefully most of the time, if the date was just 'blah' then he'll recognize that as well and not contact you again, but if not... uh oh. When he says, "Do you think we should do it again sometime?" I almost think it would better to save yourself the future worries, and his time and just say, "yea maybe", or just say "goodnight!" and avoid it if possible. Maybe some kind of response that isn't downright rude, but a negative hint, of please don't ask me again would be best. I think you are right on track with not being mean, but letting them know you aren't interested is the Rules Girl way to be. Be fair to him, be fair to you.

What do our readers think?

Rules Girl


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