Friday, September 11, 2009

Imagined Interactions

My volleyball coach used to have us take about 5-10 minutes before the game or practice and visualize how we were going to play. It had to be a very descriptive visualization of how we would swing our arm, time our approach, defend, and carry out certain plays. She said that the more we visualized about our sport throughout the day, the better a player we would be. ( this is used for many sports just in case you have a bias vs vball)

Will this work just as well in social interactions?
Imagined interactions could probably help with social anxiety, nerves or just in not ever knowing what to say.

For example, if you have something serious to bring up with your beau or you are going on a first date you could go over multiple scenarios in your head and imagine several ways you would react in the conversation could. This could help you in articulating your feelings in the most effective and even appropriate way.
(Your future first date. if you don't want him, I'll take him. He's presh.)
However, this imagine interactions technique should not be used to an extreme when you aren't going to have interaction with the person... EVER. Don't be that girl. It can be a very dangerous tool in creating a day-dream-stalker who doesn't even know the guy, but has been imagining interactions with him since she first saw him two months ago.

Use imagined interactions when they are useful.
Banish them when they are not.

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