Monday, August 3, 2009

Rules girls don't overreact to a sting

Once the relationship gets to a certain point, certain topics come up. Something is bothering him and he needs to tell you. Don't make him regret it by having an absurd reaction.
If your beau wants to talk and he brings something up that may give you a little sting... try your best not to be hurt. If his delivery was horrifying then let him know, while asking him what he was really trying to say.
Keep in Mind
There is a difference between changing someone and bringing up a topic of how things can be better in the relationship. Maybe it's that they want you to open up, maybe it's that they want you to be a better listener or to give them more support.

If you are the deliverER, then you need to make sure you don't bring up the topic and deliver it in a hurtful way. "Choose Wisely" when it comes to the words, tone and setting you use. And most importantly reassure them that you like them a whole whole lot ;) Remember to distinguish between 'this is who they are' and 'this is something that holds back the relationship'.

Honestly, it'd be nice to have someone tell me what I need to improve on. I'm sure many of my readers are aware of my faults, but it isn't everyday you have someone be straight up with you about how you can improve.

Be Willing to Change
Some relationships struggle because the other person isn't willing to change. You don't have to change who you are to improve. If both of you understand the difference here, then it should only take about 48 hours for the sting to wear off and for you to recognize that maybe it is an area you can improve.

Rules Girl


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