Monday, June 8, 2009

What a girl wants

Dear Rules Girl,
What DO girls want?
confused about this, like men in general

Please watch the first 15 seconds of this. HAHAHAHA

thank you for that B2K
So what DOES a girl want? Need?

I can understand the confusion.
It pretty much comes down to this.
it's a secret.
ok not really.
but come closer.
We wanna be loved.
We just want to be loved.
Show us you love us. The reason YOU get confused, is because every girl is different. Some like it through words, some through touch, some by gifts, (that doesn't mean expensive) and other by quality time, and feeling some protection of sorts. (sound familiar?) There is often a disconnect here because a man may show love one way, and the girl receives/sees love in another way. tricky tricky. Communication is key. let's be honest. Its the best way to find this out, and another way is to watch. When you do certain things how does she respond?

Once you figure that out.
You're golden.
I know, how UNhelpful.
Go Figure.
pun intended

Rules Girl

PS. if you've figured out how she needs love and she's still not satisfied... she's either nuts or ridiculous. So let her go and find a grateful one.


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