Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Case of... The Girlies

I was talking to my best guy-friend on the phone and of course we ended up talking about how weird girls are sometimes (no offense, I'm one too... but really we can be). And then he says, "Well I'm sure you get all girly too when you're dating someone and act that exact same way" WHAT!? ACK! I was appalled! But then 5 seconds later I realized it was probably true.
We all have guy friends that it's no biggie to chat and be ourselves withbut when it comes to being with the ones we have feelings for, we can get a little girly*(see below for definition).
Why?Because we get a little more hyper-sensitive.
When we're with our guypals, our guard is completley DOWN. We are not girly-ly-subconsciously-analyzing the words that come out of their mouth because honestly... we don't really care. But when it comes to the potentials, the ones we like, or even the ones we just aren't sure of yet... we have the tendency to be a little hyper-sensitive and even... GIRLY.
*What do I mean by girly? ( i'm not saying act like a boy. Still be feminine. I'm talking about the negative aspects of being too... MUCH.)
- Take things the wrong way
- Needy
- Whiney mcgee
-Demand too much attention
- Talk about stupid things
- Not know what you want, or admit it
-Get overly jealous
- BE INSECURE and ask for compliments
So what can we do to combat the hyper-sensitive girliness?
well, the girly thing obviously works out for us a lot of the time, but maybe just try to be more comfortable with ourselves. That's where the hyper-sensitive comes from anyway is the vulnerability involved...
So get comfy.
Rules Girl


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