Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rules Girls are not Slooots

I used some lip plumper the other day. I didn't have a mirror so I'm a little nervous
this is what they ended up looking like.
Anyway - to the point...

You're being a SLOOOT*.
You're willing to make out with this chump(s) because you don't like being alone, it's nice to feel loved (even though they love the kissing not you), and you're feeling a little vulnerable and needy.
It's somewhat of an insecurity.
Not somewhat.
It's a down right insecurity.
Well guess what?
You're feeding it by putting out.
So keep in.
(keep in is the only opposite of putting out I could think of)
Do you recognize the cycle?
Feeling insecure ---> make out ----> he doesn't ACTUALLY like you, but he's a guy... so of course he'll kiss you ----> makes you feel even worse
and the cycle continues.

Don't do this to yourself.
break the cycle &
like yourself a little more.

Rules Girls likes themselves.
We keep in.
And we are NOT SLOOTS

Rules Girl

*slooot: Since we keep things PG on this blog, a slooot is the prude equivalent of a slut. Catch my drift? And yes 3 "o's" for dramatic affect and of course for pronounciation purposes.

ps. let's be real. I'm not talking a random smoochies here or there, I'm saying... it's a recognizable cycle. Be offended if you must. But if you are... then you're probably a slooot.


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