Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Deal Breaker

A Conversation:

co-worker: I have a Deal Breaker for you.
me: what's do you mean a deal breaker?
co-worker: You know... a dating Deal Breaker. If I'm liking this girl, and then when it comes down to it... this is an issue... the deal is broken.
me: go on...
co-worker: I have to see her room.
me: eh? see if she has an n'sync poster?
co-worker: The cleanliness. If it's a complete mess. It can't happen. It's over.
me: ahhhh right-o. So like clothes on the floor or what? (for clarification)
co-worker: No, I'm talkin'... she's a mess... the apt is a reflection of her.

Is THIS your reflection?

Rule #3,209:
Rules Girls are ... CLEAN.

We don't want to break the 'deal' because we're slobs. We don't want slobs, so we won't be slobs... right? More than that, our apartment is a reflection of how we feel, the respect we show for ourselves and others and reveals our understanding of hygiene and home.

Be clean.
Rules Girl

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