Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Super Heroes + Rules Girls = Love Forever and ever and ever

I have a major thing for Super Heroes...
dun da dah!

the good-guy kind of course.

Because they are...
but good.
but not always bulging.
but more because of what they do with their talents than their bone structure.
Passionate & Ambitious
but about things that matter, like fighting for the benefit of mankind.

Batman's anti socialism - hot & Peter broods - even hotter.
As obsessed as I am with Super Heroes... I realize that not all guys can fly, and not all guys can read my thoughts. So I don't expect him to fly me to Paris, or always understand what I'm trying to say because I get that a relationship is a relationship and even super heroes have weaknesses.
Most of their weaknesses are emotional whether it be vengeance, fear, or the damsel...but some have kryptonite, a bad past, or claustrophobia... so give them some time and a chance. We all have things to work through and we can't always premeditate the outcome.

sometimes this one gets a little angry but we still love him.

Don't be out there looking for the perfect being...if you feel the chemistry and he's fighting for the right side, at least give it a try.

Afterall, Super Heroes are people too.

Rules Girl

This one has a little bit of a political agenda... he's the only one I'd be weary of.


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