Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slow and Controlled Movements

That's right... slow and steady
movin' it in.
You don't want to just jump into it.
The slower the better.
Get those googly eyes peering straight into them...

(wow is this music set with it amazing or what?)
SLOW AND CONTROLLED movements are key for romancin'.
Some people can pull off the grab the face and smooch approach, but you are less likely to give the person a fat lip, if you are slow and steady. (also, this way if they aren't too sure about it, there's enough tension to keep them hooked. I promise, it works)
hmmm let's think of other examples...
Twilight... bedroom scene. Need I say more?
The slowest and most controlled I've ever seen.
or how about...
Slow and Controlled movements.
Rules Girl


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