Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The race is on: Nice Guys Finish Last?

I've been hearing this lately..."Why do girls always go for the bad boys, and mean men? Why do Nice guys always finish last?"
Well... it's because some girls are waiting at the finish line of the WRONG RACE!
let me explain.

Why would we date the meanie-heads?
I wonder what it is about those guys that we like?
They take risks?
They take the lead and do the asking?
I don't know.
Whatever it is.
Once they have us, they tend to treat us a little like dirt.
So it never lasts.
Mean guys can run a fast, short distance... a sprint if you will... but they lack the stamina to finish it out. Don't waste your time. They can't keep up.
We keep a steady pace.

(see the sprinters have the tendency to be cocky too)

100meter dash Winner = Bad Boys and Mean Men
Marathon, the mile or even the 4x4 = The Nice Guys
Get it?

Rules Girls don't date Safe guys, but we sure do date the ones that are nice to us.
The mean guys may be hot n'stuff... but it never lasts. We don't need fast. We need strong. The endure to the end kinda guy - a Marathon Man. baha. I make myself laugh.

Ok ok, so sometimes the marathon men are a little skinny.(analogy interpretation of skinny: whatever fault you find in them)
So what.
More benefits for you.

They're nice to you.
They probably aren't on steroids - the mood swings are at a minimum.
They tell you you're pretty.

Rules Girls stand at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, not the 100 meter dash of the local community college (analogy interpretation: community college = immature). We date Marathon Men, the Nice Men... the kind who think we're pretty n' stuff.

(see! more options than you thought at the Boston Marathon! yay for nice guys)
Date the nice ones.
Rules Girl

oh and ps guys: are you trying to date a bad girl?
That might be why she's dating the bad boy...
just fyi.



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