Friday, May 8, 2009


Do you ever get bored of people?
your boy even?

It's your own fault ya know...
you might have the over-exposure disease.

too much quality time = no good.

What do you do?
You distance yourself (or break up, but let's talk distance). Get a little space, take a little breather and get your head on straight again.

I mean after all... sometimes too much sun is a good thing, a burn can turn into a tan... but a burn on top of a burn can turn into a 3rd degree visit to the hospital.

This usually happens when you're forgetting your own rules of not lingering-too-longering. So fix it. Linger Less(don't be a burnt stinky fish). Distance makes the heart grow something-or-other, so hopefully it's fonder in your case.

Less burn, more tan.

Grow fonder.

Rules Girl


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